Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is an important skill to develop for all subjects - not just for English.

In fact, it’s a vital life skill that your child will need even into adulthood.

Almost all English exams, whether it’s the SATs, 11 plus, or Common Entrance tests, will have a reading comprehension section. Students will have to answer questions based on their understanding of the given text. In the 11 Plus exam, this often equates to at least 60 per cent of the test. A strong foundation in your child’s KS2 reading comprehension ability will help them in the 11 plus exams and propel them through their secondary education.

It’s not just for English – For every test or subject your child takes, they will learn the contents through written material. Increasingly, we come across maths exam papers with some complex word problems that really need a thorough deciphering before you even reach the numbers.

Increase confidence – Students who understand what they read will be more confident to share their ideas and express themselves. Thus helping them move forward in their class. Imagine they read something but were too afraid to share it for fear of getting it wrong and being mocked.

Our online reading comprehension sessions can help

Live and interactive classes

  • Texts from classical and modern literature- including fiction and non-fiction genres
  • We don’t just give you the answers. We show you how we arrived at the answers with evidence from the extracts.
  • The guidance will help learners develop strategies and techniques to figure out the meaning from the context and other clues
  • Improved comprehension skills will support other subjects. Skills can be transferred and used in other areas subjects.
  • Exam-style questions
  • Will support 11+, Common Entrance and SATs preparations
  • Suitable for ages nine and above
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