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We can tutor your child for the 11 plus, SATs and Common Entrance exams

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If you want your child prepared for the 11 plus, SATs or Common Entrance tests, our Maths and English tuition can help you. 

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Maths and English tuition

Whether your child needs help in maths, English or both, we’ve got the right 11 plus tuition for you.

Reading Comprehension

Live online classes. Only £5 per session for limited time.

Maths booster

Revision classes for KS2 maths. Lessons will consolidate and bring your child up to speed with their goals.

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New Book

Reading comprehension practice for 11 Plus. Includes all the answers and guidance so no need for a separate teachers guide.

reading comprehension book

The English paper of the 11 plus exams consists of comprehension questions – often more than 60% of the whole test; So it’s vital to prepare. It’s not just for the English paper though, increasingly we have seen maths questions include word problems which require a thorough deciphering before one can attempt the numbers. English

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The 11 Plus exams are used by grammar schools and selective independent secondary schools to admit students based on academic abilities and potential. Several examination boards administer the tests; the most widely used bodies are CEM and GL. Other than these, individual schools may opt to conduct their own assessments or form an association of schools like the CSSE,

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